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World Gold Council & London Metal Exchange to launch LMEprecious in 2017

The World Gold Council, LME and several key market participants plan to introduce a suite of exchange-traded and centrally-cleared precious metals products. Gold market development organisation, the World Gold Council, and futures exchange, the London Metal Exchange (LME), together with key market participants including Goldman Sachs, ICBC Standard Bank, Morgan Stanley, Natixis, OSTC and Societe Generale will be launching the initiative as a means to drive greater market transparency and to support and aid ongoing regulatory change. It will also provide additional robustness to the precious metals market, broaden market access, make trading more capital efficient and trade life cycle management easier. LMEprecious will be developed to accommodate the interests of the full range of market stakeholders and to reinforce the strengths of the London market. The announcement of LMEprecious service follows an extended process of engagement with major market participants and users, and the service has been designed based on extensive consultation with core market players. Advanced discussions are taking place with a number of other leading institutions that have indicated their strong support for this initiative.

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